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New Year Give Away by Honey Clover's Closet

Posted by Nur Anis at 01:58

      Assalamualaikum . . . .
Saya tahu blog ni masih baru dan follower juga baru dua.Tapi saya harap sangat-sangat boleh masuk untuk GA yang menarik ni.Nak tau syarat-syarat untuk GA ini ? Jom,scroll down !!

Terms and Condition :
  • FOLLOW our blog [+5]                 ( DONE !)
  • LIKE our Facebook Fanpage [+5]      (DONE!)
  • SUBSCRIBE Butikpinkku on YouTube. [+5]           (DONE!)
  • WRITE about this Giveaway in your blog and link back to us. [+5]      (DONE and this is only a simple post !)
  • GIVE REASON why you should win this Giveaway. [+3] 
  • your prizas was really awesome and i think what a waste if i just ignore this GA !
  • I love your style ! If i want to know about ather styles of hijab,i always open to your YOUTUBE even this is the first time i subcribe you in youtube !
  • I love your hijab ! Its covered our neck ! ( i mean its not showing our colour of neck )
  • PUT this banner on your sidebar and link back to us [+3]  (DONE !)
  • SHARE this Giveaway with your friends, the more you share, the wider your chance to WIN! [+2]   (DONE !)
  • Last, DROP your link about this post in the comment space below.[+2] (DONE!)

Apabila kita sebut je pasal GA,mesti dalam kepala kita tertanya-tanya kan ? Tertanya-tanya pasal apa ye ? Nak tau ?

    "Apa la agak-agaknya hadiah untuk GA ni eh ? Boom kebaboom tak ?"Haa,ni lah antara tanda tanya yang sering berlaku kepada kita.Meh sini nak share hadiah-hadiah dia sikit !.. Jeng jeng jeng ! (soundtrack sikit)

Prizes :
  • Tony Moly Lip Tint 5ml by Honey Clover Closet  x 1 winner

  • Zebra's Top By Honey Clover Closet x 1 winner

  • Voucher Worth RM5 x 2 winners

  • Tudung Bawal Plain from Muslimah De Apparel x 1 winner 

  • Tudung/Shawl from Butikpinkku x 3 winners

Boom ! Right what i said ?! It's an AWESOME prizes ! So,what a waste if you IGNORE this Give Away ! The prizes that maybe we can won can be used to cover our AURAT ! Come on,join this because its an interesting event :)

This GA will END ON NEW YEAR'S EVE ( 00:00 on December 31, 2012)

take note people, winners will be selected based on their total point earned, full mark is 30 marks.

So who follow our terms and condition 100%, he/she had more chance to WIN! 

PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT! we'll check each entry and your blog also. Remember guys, ALLAH Is Seer. ( ALLAH Maha Melihat)


until we meet again people! Good Luck and Thank you for supporting us.

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